Hormones and Your Skin: What You Need to Know

The main job of most hormones is to signal to cells to perform certain actions and reactions, from digestion, sleep and physical attraction to autoimmune defense, human development and more. Although there are different kinds of hormones, certain fluctuations between multiple hormones can cause your skin to go haywire.

Gaining a better understanding of some of the most frequently asked questions about skin care and how hormones affect your skin and body can put you at an advantage when it comes time to schedule your skin care consultation.

Understanding Male Hormones

Boys tend to reach puberty anywhere between 10 and 17 years of age, which also means they start to experience massive internal and external changes for nearly a decade. Testosterone production increases exponentially, which can also cause an increase in certain oils (sebum) that can cause acne and other skin-related irritations.

As men age, a combination of poor hygiene, physical inactivity, and a steady decrease in testosterone production can all lead to poor skin. Although the levels of testosterone decline varies from person to person, there’s still a chance you can suffer from complications including:

  • Lack of sexual desire and function
  • Changes in body composition
  • Mood swings
  • Increased food cravings
  • Decreased quality of sleep

Instances like these are when and questions that you’ll want to get familiar with regarding proper skin care and hormone treatments:

  • What are some symptoms a man may experience with a hormone imbalance?
  • Why doesn’t my primary care doctor treat me for hormone deficiencies?
  • How does testosterone (and estrogen) affect my body?
  • Are there any kinds of foods that could affect my hormones?
  • What are other ways in which my hormones can become imbalanced?
  • Are my hormone issues genetic? Did I inherit them and can I pass them down to my children?
  • Could any of my current skin products be interfering with my hormone balances? If so, are there any hormone-safe options?
  • Is hormone therapy safe?

The more research you do before seeking professional assistance, the clearer your path will be toward getting the exact help you need for your skin and the hormones that can affect it.

Still Have Questions About Your Skin?

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