Trial and error is definitely not the right approach to use when looking for the perfect salon. Once you’ve figured out exactly what treatment is right for your hair, you have to get ready to make an appointment or consultation. But with so many Orlando hair care options, it can be tough to find the right salon on your very first try.

Even if a salon offers the hair treatment you need, it’s important to make sure that quality is at the forefront of their services. So, we’ve tracked down the best spots in Orlando for whatever treatment your hair desires.


Keratin treatments are great for anyone looking to eliminate frizz and boost shine. Keratin is a hair protein makes your hair look healthier, but actually feel healthier too. This treatment improves the condition of your hair by fortifying hair follicles. While it’s a popular treatment in most salons, we’ve picked out some locations that have been highly recommended by Orlando locals.

Keratin Treatments in Orlando

The Red Scarlet Salon offers two different keratin treatments depending on your hair and your budget. The “Resistant” treatment is their most introductory keratin package that promotes shine and hair health, while also benefitting your wallet. If you want to spend a little bit more for a longer lasting treatment, consider asking about their “Best” keratin treatment so that you can get your best hair yet.

Hair Growth and Restoration

Aging isn’t the only thing that can trigger hair loss. There are some lifestyle changes that can help get your hair back to normal, but there are also some factors that aren’t so simple to fix. Family history, medical conditions and even stress can cause your hair to lose its strength and natural texture. Luckily, if you’re experiencing issues with hair loss or deterioration, there are a number of different treatments that can improve your hair no matter what your situation is.

Visit Orlando Hair Restoration Center to find the perfect treatment for your hair needs. They’ll provide a thorough consultation to determine if you need a non-invasive procedure or hair transplant to restore your hair. You can look forward to re-growing your natural hair or receiving a treatment that will bring back fullness and texture to your hair.


Perms have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean your treatment has to be the same exact one used in the 80’s. Modern hair care has evolved this treatment to fit your specific style and create a more personalized perm. Depending on your hair wants, you can opt for a more natural, wavy look or ask for clean, tight curls. A perm can last up to six months and grows out with your hair so you never have an unnatural look.

If you want to enhance the body and volume in your hair, consider making an appointment with J. Bauman Salon in Orlando. Feel free to schedule a consultation to figure out the size and look of your desired curls with any of their highly recommended stylists.


Olaplex is the ultimate way to protect your hair from damage. It strengthens broken hair bonds that were damaged by heat tools or other extensive treatments. You can ask for this service alone or pair it with whatever other treatment you desire. Olaplex will extend your hair’s results and strength. This is especially useful when getting damaging color treatments done because it will not only protect, but also reverse existing hair damage from past colorations.

You can get an affordable, effective Olaplex treatment at the Mosaic Hair Studio and Blowout Bar here in Orlando. Check their service menu for a number of other treatment options to consider partnering with Olaplex. Comfort and hair treatments aren’t mutually exclave at the studio. They also offer complimentary laughter, customer service, wine and gossip with every cut, color or style.

Japanese Straightening

If straight hair is the look you always strive for, Japanese straightening is a permanent solution to your hair styling. Although there is minimal maintenance required to account for new hair growth, Japanese styling will constantly keep your hair free from frizz. This luxurious treatment will cut down on your regular styling time while strengthening the shine and smooth texture of your hair. Compatible with virtually every hair type, Japanese straightening won’t stress your hair in any way.

If you’re interested in trying out the latest heat technology to reshape and seal your perfect style, visit Stella Luca. This studio offers Yuko straightening, a Japanese technique performed by experienced stylists. Schedule your initial consultation so that you can have all of your straightening questions answered and figure out exactly what the process will look like.

Skincare and spa treatments aren’t the only ways that you can pamper yourself. Hair treatments can help you feel confident and look your best, and choosing the best location will elevate any treatment.