Your skincare routine should adjust accordingly to each season, just as your wardrobe does. As the temperatures drop, your skin goes into a drying spiral and suddenly your and begging for moisture to survive the bitter cold months.

Cold air and harsh winds can take a toll on your bare skin and its texture. But it takes more than just your average daily moisturizer to keep the skin radiating through the chilly temperatures. Consider these tips to healthy, hydrated skin this winter season.

Gentle Exfoliator Wins the Race

Be mindful of the sensitivity your skin gains in the winter. The lack of moisture makes your skin more prone to redness, irritation and inflammation. An exfoliator can be used scarcely in the summer, but once winter rolls around it’s not a bad idea to exfoliate at least once a week to keep the skin soft, hydrated and flake-free.

Choose a mild, neutral pH daily exfoliator that will help wipe off the dead skin cells on the surface, without the use of strong acids. Steer clear of exfoliators with microbeads, as those can have a reverse effect and cause more irritation to the skin by creating microscopic tears and increase inflammation.

Hydrating to the Mask 

Pamper yourself as you sit back, relax, and let the mask do the work. Hydrating masks are one of the latest moisturizing trends that boasts serious restorative properties, leaving your skin glowing and ready to embrace frigid temperatures. Hydrating masks work as a barrier on your skin as it rests and allows the skin to trap water and absorb the moisture instead of evaporating into thin air.

Make it a mini spa treatment with these masks and enjoy the added benefits like refined pores, diminished fine lines and reduction in itchy and irritated skin. Purchase from the many options available in stores or make your own.

The Richer the Moisturizer, the Better

The use of moisturizer is beneficial year-round, but the type of moisturizer you choose will ultimately decide how effective it will be on your skin. Set aside your lightweight summer moisturizer and invest in a deeper hydrating face cream to maintain that glow you worked hard to earn this summer. A rich cream will provide you with lasting moisture while reaching deeper layers and restoring dry patches.

Moisturizer should be incorporated into your daily routine twice a day, but if the weight is overbearing for daytime use, then apply once before bed for overnight hydration.

Take Care of Your Skin, and It Will Take Care of You

The skin is the most exposed organ on our body, and it’s our job to keep it healthy, so it can fulfill its duty to shield us from harmful environments. Practice a proper skincare routine and your skin will reflect it in the long run. The maintenance you put into your skin will reward you with the confidence it brings with it. After all, when you look good, you feel good.